Puppies and Kittens

We know that you have many choices of puppies for your family and we will be with you every step of the way in your families adoptions process.  

Knowing what breed of puppy your family needs can be like a puzzle with no square edges but no worries we are here to help.  We offer puppies of all shapes and sizes, colors and hair coats.  It is our goal to help you find your furry family member. All of our puppies are checked by a veterinarian twice before coming to the store. They are current on vaccinations and have a 1 year warranty and a 4 week obedience class is included.

Updated April 20th, 2017

Upcoming Puppies Available Friday April 21st:

Pug: 1 Male

Toy Poodle: 1 Male

Upcoming Puppies Available Tuesday May 2nd:

Boston Terrier: 1 Male

Cavalier King Charles: 1 Female

Golden Retriever: 1 Female

Miniature Schnauzer: 1 Male, 1 Female

Husky: 1 Female

Wheaton Terrier: 1 Male, 1 Female

Upcoming Puppies Available Tuesday May 9th:

Beagle: 1 Male

Goldendoodle: 1 Male, 1 Female

Maltese-Silky Terrier: 1 Male, 1 Female

Husky: 1 Male

Upcoming Puppies Available Tuesday May 16th:

Cocker Spaniel: 1 Male, 1 Female

Husky: 1 Female

Upcoming Puppies Available Tuesday May 23rd:

Beagle: 1 Male

Chihuahua: 1 Female

Goldendoodle: 1 Male

Upcoming Puppies Available Tuesday May 30th:

Boston Terrier: 1 Male, 1 Female

Schnoodle: 1 Female

Wheaton Terrier: 1 Male


Puppies and Kittens In Store Now:

Bichon: 1 Male

Cocker Spaniel: 1 Female

Golden Retriever: 1 Male, 1 Female

Havachon: 1 Female

Cavalier King Charles: 1 Male

French Bulldog: 1 Male

1 Kitten

Supplies and Accessories

No matter what age, size and disposition, we've got the things your dog will need to be safe, happy, healthy and fun.  In fact, we're always searching for new products that will help both you and your dog.


  • Traditional belt-style
  • Halter
  • Harness
  • Choke-chain


Puppies and grown dogs alike love to chew.  Many "discount store" dog treats contain dangerous chemicals that can affect your dog's health.  At mini-critters, we stick with healthy chews that are safe for your dog, and often last longer!  Pick one that fits your dog's size and strength level...in other words, the bigger the dog, the bigger the treat, and vice-versa.


Dogs love to play and we have the toys they love.  We have rubber toys that are strong enough to chew and play rough or to play interactively.  We especially like the KONG toys that are hollow and you can put a treat inside and keep your dog busy for a long time.

  • Rubber toys
  • Rope toys
  • Vinyl toys
  • Plush toys

Coats and Weather Gear

Some breeds don't do well in our cold northern weather, so mini-critters carries a wide selection of coats and boots and just about any kind of clothing your dog could need.

Kennels and Travel Carriers

We have many types of dog kennels in various sizes, including wire cages, plastic travel crates and fold-up models.  Each has advantages and disadvantages.  Ask us and we'll help you pick out the right one for your dog.


Many dogs end up sleeping at the foot, or on the bed of their masters...or adopting a favorite chair or spot on the couch.  Sometimes you just need a little extra space...and your dog deserves a place it can call it's own.  We've got the perfect bed, no matter if your dog is as small as a mouse or as big as a house!