Over 60 million people have an aquarium. It's easy to see why this hobby is still growing fast.  It can be as simple as a goldfish in a bowl on a child's dresser, or as complex as a huge saltwater tank built into the wall in the living room.  It can be as relaxing or as challenging and rewarding as you want it to be.  Advances in filtration, lighting, and tank design have made it easier than ever to have an awe-inspiring tank that will astonish your friends and family.

We have everything you need to setup and take care of your aquarium. Our staff is the most experienced and knowledgeable in the area and looks forward to helping you!

Freshwater Fish

Freshwater FishMini-critters has thousands of fish in stock and ready to take home to your tank today.  Our freshwater aquariums have a total of 1640 gallons of water (that's actual aquarium space, not the water in filters and sumps) and are full of just about every kind of fish you could imagine.  We have an amazing selection of fish that are suitable for first time aquarium owners and experienced owners.  If you're looking for something unusual, we have the largest selection of exotic tropical fish in the whole state!  Our selection of African and South American Cichlids is great, too.

Saltwater Fish

Salt Water FishOften thought of as difficult and expensive, saltwater fish are becoming more prominent and easier to take care of. New products have made it easier to keep the environment correct and the number of fish available continues to grow.

Our selection of saltwater fish is second to none.  We get new shipments every week to keep our 700+ gallons of saltwater fish aquariums stocked and ready for you.

Because we have several avid saltwater hobbyists on staff, we tend to bring in some of the more unusual fish and sea-life, too.  You'll always find something new and interesting in our saltwater section.

If you're interested, but feel intimidated about making the leap to saltwater, come in and talk to us.  We know exactly what it takes to set up your showcase, and we love to talk fish!

Reef Systems

Reef SystemsWe have everything you need for your saltwater reef system.  Our live rock takes up 430 gallons of aquarium space!  We have a lot of Tonga Branch and Marshall Island stock on hand all the time.  The coral tanks total 550 gallons, and we have another 740 gallons of sea-life: fish, shrimp and more.

Every two weeks we get new stock shipped in, so there are lots of reasons to stop in and do a little window shopping! If you're interested in getting started or if you have reef experience, come on in and talk to us.

Supplies and Accessories

Whether it's a salt or fresh water aquarium you are setting up or maintaining, we have all of the supplies and accessories needed to keep your fish alive. We have a wide selection of the following:

  • Tanks
  • Stands
  • Heaters and Chillers
  • Water Care
  • Filters
  • Lighting
  • Decor
  • Food