Yips and Snips - Why Grooming is Important

Posted: 8/17/2012

At Mini-Critters, we are happy to offer grooming services for your dog. Just as hygiene is important for humans, dogs also benefit from regular grooming.


Lather, Rinse, Repeat

After spending so much time outside, your four-legged friend is sure to get dirty, develop dry skin and possibly acquire pesky fleas. A good bath with a rich lather of dog-friendly shampoo will eliminate the dirt and germs your dog picked up. It will also remove the harmful insects that might have attached themselves to your dog's coat. A clean coat means no more dry, itchy skin for your dog. A clean dog is a healthy dog.

Clip, Clip

Clipped nails also prevents build up of dirt and germs, which decreases the risk of broken nails and infections. Short nails also help protect your furniture and floors as your dog wanders around the house.

Wash Behind Your Ears

A dog's ear can be a haven for bacteria and yeast if not kept clean. This can become a huge health problem for your dog, and can even lead to chronic ear infections and loss of hearing. Cleaning dog ears can be tricky if they aren't used to having it done. Our groomers are experienced in proper care.

Look Good, Feel Good

Having a clean, shiny coat will make your dog feel comfortable and happy. When your dog's hair gets too long or think, he or she will feel hot and unsettled. Regular grooming keeps dogs in good spirits and boosts their energy and confidence levels. A clean dog is also a better dog to live with.

Our groomers use a variety of dog-friendly, biodegradable shampoos that will keep your dog's coat healthy and shiny. We have experience in different cuts for different breeds and can help you choose what is the best haircut for your dog's lifestyle. Schedule an appointment for your dog today!