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June is National Pet Preparedness Month

6/7/2012 - June is national pet preparedness month, and although it is a frightening thought to consider natural disasters and weather storms, it is important to have a plan and to make sure your pets are included in this plan. In the case of a disaster, such ... Read More

Pets Can Have Allergies, Too!

6/1/2012 - As we are in the heart of allergy season, now is a good time to remember that pets can have allergies, too. Just as humans can be allergic to their surroundings, so, too, can pets. Some common allergens for pets include: Mold Dust Feathers Cig... Read More

You Are What You Eat - Proper Pet Nutrition

5/23/2012 - Here at Mini Critters, one of our biggest passions is proper nutrition for pets. We believe that nutrition is our number one chance at preventing disease, degenerative health issues and poor behavior in our four-legged friends. We carry many all-nat... Read More

Pet ID Tags

5/6/2012 - Just as it's important for people to have personal identification documents, your pets also need an ID. Nearly 1 in 3 pets will get lost at some point in their lifetime, and without proper identification, almost 80 percent of those pets will never f... Read More